Recent Lab News

Oct 2023
Tan Pham visited our lab to conduct experiments as part of our collaborative project with Freerk Molleman's group in Adam Mickiwicz University, Poland.

Aug 2023
Shreya Mishra has joined her lab as a PhD student. We wish her the best for her career!

Jul 2023
Tarunkishwor, Indukala and Ullasa attended the Biology of Butterflies 2023 Conference at Prague. Ullasa had a keynote talk on pupal colour plasticity in butterlifes. Tarunkishwor had a talk on the evolution false-head patterns in butterflies, while Indukala had a talk on butterfly eyespots and the role of growth rate.

May 2023
We welcome three masters students for the year - Akshaya Jayan, Abin Krishna and Nikhil Collins.

Apr 2023
We had our yearly lab trip, this time to the lovely Meghamalai, Tamil Nadu. As usual, it was great couple of days of fun!
Vanasiri Group Photo April 2023

From left: Bhanu, Indukala, Ullasa, Arsha, Anaswara, Sneha, Tarun, Simran and Akhil. Lab trip to Meghamalai, Apr 2023.