Previous Vanasiri members

This page has information about former students, postdocs and project personnel. See here for list of past interns.

        Postdoctoral Fellows:

FREERK MOLLEMAN, 2015-17 (Leiden University, Netherlands) - Freerk worked on wing patterns, life-history traits and hostplant associations in butterflies. After his postdoc stint with us, he too up a faculty position at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

SRIKANTA DANI KGS, 2015-17 (PhD Macquarie University, Australia) - Srikanta worked on the evolution of plant reproductive strategies in plants. He then moved on to Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy as a postdoctoral researcher

MARTIN OLOFSSON, 2014-15 (PhD Stockholm University, Sweden) - Martin did a brief postdoc with us, conducting experiments on the evolution of false-head patterns in lycaenid butterflies.

        Masters students:

SOUMEN MALLICK, 2017-18 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Soumen worked on two projects 1) wing pattern plasticity in an aseasonal African rainforest 2) Evolution of polymorphism in relation to crypsis and background heterogeneity. He has moved on to do a PhD at Université de Rennes 1, France

ALITHA EDISON, 2017-18 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Alitha worked on colour pattern preferences in satyrine butterflies

ALEX JOHNY, 2016-17 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Alex worked on behavioral niche partitioning between common house geckoes in Southern India

SHUAIB P, 2016-17 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Shuaib conducted experiments to understand what factors promote effiency of 'motion dazzle' patterns against predation. He has gone on to do his PhD at the Indian Institute of Science

AVANTHIKA P, 2015-16 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Avanthika worked on larval and pupal colour plasticity in satyrine butterflies

ARYA ARAVIND, 2015-16 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Arya conducted field experiments testing hypotheses related to eyespots against predation.

ASWATHY JR, 2014-15 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Aswathy worked on the comparative phylogeography and population genetics of odonates in the Western Ghats. She went on to do a PhD at RGCB Thiruvananthapuram

RITWIKA MUKHERJEE, 2013-2014 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Ritwika performed experiments to understand what makes eyespots effective against predation. She moved on for a PhD at Tufts University, USA. Mukherjee and Kodandaramaiah 2015.

        Project Personnel:

ASHISH NERLEKAR, 2017-2018 (Project Assistant)

ASHISH NERLEKAR, 2016-2017 (Project Assistant)

RAVI UMADI, 2015-2017 (Junior Research Fellow)

SORA S, 2015-2016 (Junior Research Fellow)

MRUGANKA RAHUL LELE, 2013-2015 (Junior Research Fellow)