Previous Vanasiri members

This page has information about former students, postdocs and project personnel. See here for list of past interns.

        Postdoctoral Fellows:

MARTIN OLOFSSON, 2014-15 (PhD Stockholm University, Sweden) - Martin did a brief postdoc with us, conducting experiments on the evolution of false-head patterns in lycaenid butterflies.

SRIKANTA DANI KGS, 2015-17 (PhD Macquarie University, Australia) - Srikanta worked on the evolution of plant reproductive strategies in plants. Srikanta Dani and Kodandaramaiah 2017

        Masters students:

ALEX JOHNY, 2016-17 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Alex worked on behavioral niche partitioning between common house geckoes in Southern India

SHUAIB P, 2016-17 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Shuaib conducted experiments to understand what factors promote effiency of 'motion dazzle' patterns against predation

AVANTHIKA P, 2015-16 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Avanthika worked on larval and pupal colour plasticity in satyrine butterflies

ARYA ARAVIND, 2015-16 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Arya conducted field experiments testing hypotheses related to eyespots against predation.

ASWATHY JR, 2014-15 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Aswathy worked on the comparative phylogeography and population genetics of odonates in the Western Ghats.

RITWIKA MUKHERJEE, 2013-2014 (IISER-TVM Major project) - Ritwika performed experiments to understand what makes eyespots effective against predation. Mukherjee and Kodandaramaiah 2015.

        Project Personnel:

ASHISH NERLEKAR, 2016-2017 (Project Assistant)

RAVI UMADI, 2015-2017 (Junior Research Fellow)

SORA S, 2015-2016 (Junior Research Fellow)

MRUGANKA RAHUL LELE, 2013-2015 (Junior Research Fellow)